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About Mashhad

Mashhad means “gathering”, “group of people”. In terms of names, it means “scene”, “view”, “spectacle”. Mashhad is the second most populous city in Iran. It is located in the northeast of the country, bordering with Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. It was a major oasis along the ancient silk road and so its cuisine is highly influenced by the exchange of different cultures and ingredients brought in by merchants and travellers in that era.

Our Story

Ali Musarrat Syed, also fondly known as Guddu, is a known personality in the film and restaurant world. Brought up in Mumbai and exposed to film industry at early ages through his father Waris Ali Rizvi, being a veteran of the industry he produced and directed several films under the banner of Waris Pictures. Ali himself has been succesfull model and an actor, doing several films and advertisements. He is also an accomplished martial arts althlete and promotes wellness.

His education took him on a journey through various countries in Europe and Middle-east which enlightened him of several cultures, hospitality and cuisines. He has been part of various industries like Export, Oil, Food, Hospitality, Mining and Constructions. During his life journey, he resided in Oman for a long duration which brought him very close to its cultures, hospitality and cuisines. Its here where he envisioned on bring this rich culture and cuisine to India and embarked on journey to fulfill this vision.

He opened his first venture in Goa with Madeeha Heritage Hotel, however this did not satisfy his vision and passion. He further expanded with the first Authentic Persian, Lebanese and Indian restaurant in Bandra with registered brand name of Mashhad. Soon after launch, this restaurant set a benchmark of food standards and was rated high in several food sites. Mashhad Santacruz is the first of its kind as it would be a standalone restaurant operating in the Five Star Hotel in Mumbai.

Mashhad stands for the benchmark in food and hospitality which Ali has personally hand crafted. Being health conscious he ensures that Mashhad food reflects his passion and each ingredient is chosen with the end product in mind. His vision to be an industry benchmark in "Authentic Food" , “Quality” and "Hospitality" is driven through the excellence in all areas. He is committed to take this journey further by opening more restaurants by 2018 making Mashhad the brand which will complete one of his few ambitions.

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Persian Cuisine

Iranian Cuisine

Iranian cuisine, also referred to as Persian cuisine, includes the foods, cooking methods, and food traditions of Iran. the cuisine of Iran and its diaspora is more aromatic and rich than any. It pivots around the flavours of saffron, nigella seeds, cardamom, turmeric, dried raisins, and rosewater. The dishes of Iran are often time consuming, slow cooked affairs.

Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese cuisine is a levantine cuisine. the lebanese cuisine is an ancient one. many dishes in the lebanese cuisine can be traced back thousands of years to eras of roman and phoenician rule. Most often foods are grilled, baked or sautéed in olive oil; butter or cream is rarely used other than in a few desserts. Lebanese flat bread, called pita, is a staple to every lebanese meal and can be used in place of a fork.

Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

North west indian cuisine reflects an 8,000 year History of various groups and cultures bringing in new techniques and flavours and their interaction with the array of fresh and dried spices native to this land. The north western corridor of india played a big role in the ancient silk road, and the various invasions left a mark on the food of this region.